Electronic Control Unit (ECU) normally controls the fuel injection system, ignition timing, and the idle speed control system. The ECU also interrupts the operation of the air conditioning and EGR systems, and controls power to the fuel pump (through the control relay).

Due to the optimization of the characteristic map stored in the engines control unit we can achieve an increase of engine torque as well as power up to 30% within the tolerances of the manufacturer.

Benefits to your vehicle

At low rotating speeds, the vehicle accelerates better and it has better pulling power. In the upper speed range the motor rotates more dynamically and powerfully, the finite speed is increased. It means more pleasure from driving and more safety buffer for you.

Fuel consumption

Due to higher torque fuel consumption in the range of partial loads for cars is reduced up to 10%. In the range of maximum loads fuel consumption is increases by up to 10%. Since at average operating mode the vehicle moves 90% in the range of partial loads.

Power-Tuning increases torque and power. If you regularly drive with maximum loads, which, of course, is associated with better acceleration and higher finite speed, it leads to increased fuel consumption. If to drive in the range of partial loads, fuel consumption reduces because of increased torque at lower rotating speed.

Eco-Tuning increases only the torque. In this case, fuel consumption is reduced in the range of partial loads and in the range of maximum loads it remains the same.

Most of the vehicles are tuned down to factory to meet the emission standards. We can help you to unleash the power of your engine, considering emission standards. REMAPPING can only be performed on petrol and diesel vehicles.

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